A digital interactive magazine platform

We are an interactive magazine platform and one of the world's leading technological solutions in this field.

An upcoming social media platform and product that allows you to create memorable personalized videos together with celebrities and talented people.

Fomi is a new opportunity to make your loved ones happy and support your respected colleagues & friends.


The MundoPlus App was launched in July 2021 for the Spanish-speaking market. It is a digital magazine platform partnered with leading Spanish magazine publishers such as Axel Spring Espana and Zinet Media Global.


A way for publishers and third parties to create their own standalone platforms based on the proprietary technology behind WorldPlus.

In the process of digitizing and converting printed magazines, we have developed our own digital automatic conversion system. When PDF materials are entered into the system, they are carefully identified by text, font, font size, style, etc… and are represented by all types of tables and figures.


E-book, Audiobook, and Podcast platform


Music streaming application with the largest library of Mongolian music

Bring the activities of Mongolian organizations up to world standards

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