About us

We aim to be a world-renowned technology company, transforming the traditional ways magazines are read with our technological capabilities and taking them to new heights.

WorldPlus Digital LLC’s experienced team has previously developed platforms such as Mplus, Mongolia’s first digital book, audiobook, and podcast platform. Mmusic, a music streaming platform. Woovoo, an interactive content platform, and WorldPlus, an interactive digital magazine platform.

Our Values


Innovative solutions and technological development to bring value to the customer


Continuous learners, curious and creative entrepreneurial mindset to overcome obstacles and constantly improve what we are doing


The desire to create something good and beautiful, to spread positive things throughout the community, society, and the environment


Working towards solutions, finding solutions, contributing and giving

Progressive work environment and colleagues

Being team-based, positive, open-minded, participatory, passionate about work and the team, constantly evolving, team player

Social Responsibility

WorldPlus Grant
As part of our corporate social responsibility, we have been providing scholarships since 2020 to students who are domestically educated and willing to study for a bachelor’s degree to eventually join the educated workforce. But are unable to do so due to financial or family issues. More
WorldPlus Trees
The WorldPlus Platform has a vision of reducing printing costs to zero, limiting unnecessary and recyclable use, and protecting the environment by following the "WorldPlus Trees" Policy. To this end, it calls on partner countries to plant trees and avoid littering the environment and launched the "Save the World +" campaign in December 2019 in Baguio, Philippines. More
Sight Day 10.10
The "Sight Day 10.10" event has been organized every year since October 10 ( World Vision Day) 2019. It has been estimated that there are about 12,000 visually impaired people in Mongolia, of which about 3,500 live in Ulaanbaatar. Since events paying attention to the special needs of these people are not regularly organized in our city, we organize this event to create a small, tight-knit community. Acclaimed poets and singers gather on this day to deliver samples of their works to visually impaired guests. In cooperation with the Mongolian Association of the Visually Impaired and School No. 116 for the Visually Impaired, about 800 people participated in the 2019s "Sight Day 10.10" event, and we participated in the 2020 event attended by more than 2,000 people... However, in 2021, it will not be possible to organize activities due to the laws and regulations regarding COVID-19. More

Ulaanbaatar, Khan-Uul district, 15th khoroo, CEO Office 10th floor

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